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We Don't Talk At All

by Summer Legs

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I was drinking when you met me so what did you expect? A lifetime of staying up at night shaking a nervous wreck. I don’t know what you want from me. I’ve been down this road before, the only thing I can’t give you darling is anything more. I don’t trust myself when I’m around you. No, I don’t believe a god damn word I say. Waiting for the weekend, you’re always waiting up for me. See I don’t remember the last time I even cared if I saw sleep. My phone it won’t stop ringing, it goes all day long. The boys wanna go out, they wanna hear the band play our song. And I’m sorry you’ll never understand. It’s a broken thing to be this kind of man. Fixing everyone I see to ignore the hole underneath. It’s a shameful thing being me.
Bad Luck 03:43
I should have known that seven years would be bad luck. So tell me, what was I thinking? Would’ve been better off breaking every mirror in this apartment than crawling into bed next to you. One hundred feet tall while you were around, as soon as you took a step back my eyes sank into the ground. And hey, brown eyes, how’d you fit so much bad luck into that black dress? You’re like an open umbrella walking through my front door.
It smelled like sex and cigarettes when you walked back in my room. I could feel the sun creeping up on me like I always knew it would. I fell in love with you in five seconds flat, there was nothing I could do. Knew I’d need to find a way to make you stay, how to make you want to. Went to pour you a cup of coffee, lit your second cigarette, then got jealous of a mug where your lipstick left it’s print. I’m afraid to ask you what this was, afraid of what you might say next. How these things just happen sometimes, even to the best of friends. Went to pour another cup of coffee, come up with something charming to say. You put your hand over the top and said I should be on my way.
Just tie me up and leave me in your basement. Wait 40 days to find a way to stop sinning. From under your steps I doubt it. Not with my breath crawling through the cracks in the ceiling and clutching at your throat. All I wanna do is read bad news, bite your skin and taste the abuse. Do you ever get used to feeling used? Can I ever get used to you? When I look behind your eyes I sit and stare and try to find my way inside. Find out what goes on inside your head when you drag me through our bed. Please don’t go just lay in space with me instead.
I remember when you said that we would still talk. You meant it when you said it, but we don’t talk at all. You said you tried your best you just couldn't stay, and it’s not healthy to keep going on this way. You said go out and find someone to take your place and that’s the reason that I stay inside all day. That's the reason that I stay inside and count the lines growing on my face. That's the reason that I’ll probably never leave this fucking place. You’re the reason that I stay inside all day.


released March 3, 2017

Terry Connell - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Dotson - Bass
Richard Pustolka - Drums

Engineered by Cody Okonski
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Drawing by Boris Schmitz (borisschmitz.tumblr.com)
Layout Design by Terry Connell

In memory of Bryan Puckett



all rights reserved



Summer Legs Albany, New York

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